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Environment: How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

(Tue Aug 31st, 2010, by Arunraj V.S.)

Marijuana is illegal under the US federal law; however there are several states in the US alone with some countries that have legalized Marijuana because of its medical properties. It has been found that Marijuana is good to treat certain chronic pain and diseases that are not treated by conventional treatment options. But if you are going to consume Marijuana for medical reasons, known as Medical Marijuana, you need to have Medical Marijuana card. Here are the ways in which you can get a Medical Marijuana card:

The cost of Medical Marijuana card is more than $100 and you should apply for the one in your country. If Marijuana is legal in your state, you can get it fairly easily. Your doctor has to write a recommendation that you need to use Marijuana for medical use. Contact The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation ( if you aren’t able to get a recommendation from your doctor. The foundation has Marijuana clinics in many states where medical marijuana use is legal and they will help you get in touch with one of their doctors. You can also get the recommendation of a doctor outside your country. You need to know that you have to reside within that country to get the Medical Marijuana card. They will also ask you for proof of residence. You may get these cards in dispensaries too but it is not advisable because they are often raided. If you go through the proper way, it is always better.

Make sure you get the card only from credible authorities. Also find out if it is legal in your state to obtain the card.


When Will The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars Begin?

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Wars are right around the corner. What will it take for an all out Dispensary War to happen? Three things must occur to really heat things up. The majority of the States must enact Medical Marijuana/decriminalization statues, individual Dispensaries must have a client fall off, and when a Dispensary drops a major V.I.P. strain. Let’s take a look at the first hurdle.

There are only 14-16 States with a Medical Marijuana green light, so that’s not a lot of competition. This November will be critical, especially in California, a pioneer in Cannabis legislation. As Cali goes, so does the rest of the nation. Proposition 19 (Yes), will usher in recreational use, taxed pot, and the comfort zone of Medical Marijuana for all of America.

Out the gate, Dispensaries will be (are) a novelty. Selecting medicinal herb off of a menu, will eventually wear off. On top of that, clients with cards may opt to grow their own Marijuana, to shave a few dollars from their budgets. American homegrown, especially California, is primo herb. Now if a few people- say 5, get together as a co-op, then cultivate 40 mature female Sativas at say conservatively 1.5 pounds per plant, well- that’s serious bud. Not only is that a great cooperative effort, the Dispensary starts to pale, unless they go to great lengths (prices?) to combat co-ops or other Dispensaries.

Finally, all Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, serious Pot Farmers, and underground Botanists, have a V.I.P. strain up their sleeves. Just like bars charge extra for top shelf alcohol, Major Dispensaries will have a V.I.P. strain like Cali9, to woo clients into their business. Everyone has access to Haze, Widow, Jack, Purple, etc., but when you can hang an exclusive sign outside of your establishment, then that’s when the “Dispensary Wars” begin. Dang, I can’t wait!


Environment: Germany Ready To Legalize Medical Marijuana

(Fri Aug 20th, 2010, by Nike Joshon)

Medical marijuana will soon be available in Germany, with the center-right coalition preparing to make major changes to the country’s drug laws, a government health spokeswoman said this week.

Doctors could write prescriptions for cannabis and pharmacies would be authorized to sell the plant once the law had been changed, a member of the junior coalition party, the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) said Monday, reports The Local. Marijuana would also be permitted for use as a pain relilever for the terminally ill in hospices and other health care facilities, making it a legal part of their emergency pain-relief supplies, according to the report. “With this, the sickest people will always have a pain-relieving substance available,” said Ulrike Flack, the FDP’s health policy spokesperson.

The new law will end a longstanding struggle between German government officials, doctors and health insurance companies over the use of the proven herbal therapy for treating pain stemming from diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. Under current law, only 40 German patients are currently allowed to use prescription medical marijuana, according to the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines (ACM). Others using cannabis, even for medical reasons, have until now risked prosecution. However, law enforcement generally “tolerates” small amounts of cannabis for personal use.

Meanwhile, as pointed out by Mike Meno of the Marijuana Policy Project, patients in 36 of the 50 United States are still treated as criminals if they relieve their symptoms through marijuana, and our federal government persists in incorrectly classifying marijuana as a Schedule I drug–meaning it has “no accepted medical value”–while at the same time blocking the much-needed research necessary to move marijuana through the FDA approval process. “Make sure to tell your elected officials that you’re tired of seeing the United States lag behind while other developed nations implement compassionate and science-based medical marijuana policies by visiting MPP’s Federal Action Center,” Meno said.

Change can come, even when it has recently been stymied. Just two years ago, the conservative Christian Democrats, the FDP and the center-left Social Democrats all voted against loosening medical marijuana laws. Opponents had used scare tactics in their campaign against medical marijuana in Germany, claiming cannabis had a potential for addiction, and trying to cast doubt on its medical benefits.

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Environment: Hemp Protein Smoothies – A Goldmine of Health Benefits

(Fri Aug 27th, 2010, by DeborahSmith)

Looking for the best substitute which will be beneficial to health is kind of adverse, especially if there are a lot of options out there advertised in health magazines or touted in online marketing strategies. One great source of seeking what is the best is through the hemp protein powder reviews that not just gives the best reviews around but truly educates the readers on the advantages  of hemp food products like protein powders made from hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are harvested from hemp oilseed plants, and yes, they are related to that infamous cannabis plant that is prohibited, on the other hand, these are not hallucinogenic, neither are they addictive. Hemp seeds are pulverized to powder which enable it to be mixed with fruits and milk, such as a protein smoothies.

Ingesting this around once a day is a good source of nutrition as it carries 10 essential amino acids and the essential omega 3 fatty acids which aren’t only beneficial to health for the reason that they make the metabolism of the body more balanced, but their protein content is sufficient to  boost the body, making it stronger and more immune to diseases. The digestive troubles can be corrected by the enzymes establish in the fruits that can enhance the taste of the hemp protein smoothies, and the fiber content is a great detoxifier and makes it easier for the body to eradicate the waste which carries all of the toxins and pathogens which can get stuck in the fiber. For those who have gastrointestinal disorders, heart troubles, diabetes, leaky gut syndrome and others, hemp protein smoothies is found to be a ‘perfect food’. It aids the body also build the much needed muscle mass instead of the fatty mass which could only happen when eating junk foods.

Effects of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine can also be corrected and eliminated from the body when consuming the hemp protein smoothies. This is very important for individuals with blood pressure problems and is truly an advisable diet for them. Hemp seed nutrition is definitely good for the health but it is a pity that simply for the reason that the plant is associated with the illegal one it can’t be allowed to grown within the continental United States.

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Environment: How Do Weed Vaporizers Work?

(Tue Aug 10th, 2010, by Chris Simpson)

Weed vaporizers work by heating up your herbs to the appropriate temperature so that the chemicals inside the plant boil away to a vapor which can be breathed in. This is significantly healthier compared with smoking or ingesting the herb as it provides a much larger amount of control over dosage and there are a lot fewer side effects.

Weed vaporizers employ numerous methods of heating the herb including thermal conduction, thermal radiation and convection. Thermal conduction is the most widespread method in which the ingredient is placed on a surface that is heated up by butane or a similar heat source which in turn heats up the herb causing it to release its chemicals in vaporous form. Radiation uses an intense light source to send energy into your weed and is not as common. Convection vaporizers heat the air inside the vaporizers and having the air heat the herb.

As different substances have different natural vaporization temperatures it is crucial for a weed vaporizer to be able to control the temperature. As an example, cannabis has a vaporization temperature of 177°C whereas tobacco has a vaporization temperature of 140°C. Being able to precisely set the most suitable temperature means that you get the most chemicals out of your herbs.

Some weed vaporizers come with electronic displays that show both the actual and pre-programmed temperatures so that you can set it specifically as you want it. It is a matter of personal preference but for marijuana it must be over 140°C which is the temperature that trace amounts of THC can be found but under 200°C as toxins start formulating at this high temperature. Most vaporizer users usually choose temperatures around 185°C because this is well below the toxin limit but high enough so that suitable levels of THC and vapor make their way into the collection/inhalation device.

One thing to understand is the density of the vapor makes no difference to the effect that breathing in the vapor has on you. Less dense vapor that you would get with lower temperatures can contain just as much THC as the thicker vapor you get by using higher temperatures.

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